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The Super Hero Squad Show Hindi Episodes

The Super Hero Squad Show is an American cartoon series by Marvel Animation. It is based on the Marvel Super Hero Squad action figure line from Hasbro, which portray the Avengers, the X-Men, and various other characters of the Marvel Universe in a cartoonish super-deformed-style. It is also a self-aware parody of the Marvel characters, with influences taken from on the comedic Mini Marvels series of parody comic books, in that the heroes tend to find themselves in comedic situations, and have cartoonish bents in comparison to their usually serious personalities, and is an overall comedic take on the Avengers. The series’ animation was produced by Film Roman and Marvel Animation.


The Super Hero Squad Show Hindi All Episode List


Episode 01 And Lo A Pilot Shall Come.mp4
Episode 02 To Err Is Superhuman.mp4
Episode 03 This Silver This Surfer.mp4
Episode 05 Enter Dormammu.mp4
Episode 06 A Brat Walks Among Us.mp4
Episode 07 O Brother.mp4
Episode 08 From the Atom It Rises.mp4
Episode 09 Night in the Sanctorum.mp4
Episode 10 This Forest Green.mp4
Episode 11 O Captain My Captain.mp4
Episode 12 If This Be My Thanos.mp4
Episode 13 Deadly Is the Black Widows Bite.mp4
Episode 14 Tremble at the Might of MODOK.mp4
Episode 15 Mental Organism Designed Only for Kisses.mp4
Episode 16 Invader from the Dark Dimension.mp4
Episode 17 Tales of Suspense.mp4
Episode 18 Stranger from a Savage Land.mp4
Episode 19 Mysterious Mayhem at Mutant High.mp4
Episode 21 Hexed Vexed and Perplexed.mp4



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