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Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Hindi Episodes

If Gary Oak is headed for the Sinnoh region, then Ash Ketchum won’t be far behind! Ready to take on the Sinnoh League, Ash brings along Pikachu and meets up with Brock in Sinnoh, where the pair of Trainers are soon joined by a third—Dawn, a novice Pokémon Coordinator determined to follow in the footsteps of her mother. Both Ash and Dawn struggle with their respective paths, but it’s easy for them to make new friends, gaining new Pokémon like Turtwig and Piplup.

Pokémon Season 10: Diamond and Pearl Hindi All Episode List

Disney XD Dub Hindi Episodes


Episode 01 – Following a Maiden’s Voyage



Episode 02 – Two Degrees of Separation



Episode 03 – When Pokémon Worlds Collide



Episode 04 – Dawn of a New Era



Episode 05 – Gettin’ Twiggy with It



Episode 06 – Different Strokes for Different Blokes



Episode 07 – Like it or Lup it



Episode 08 – Gymbaliar



Episode 09 – Setting the World on its Buneary



Episode 10 – Not on MY Watch Ya Don’t



Episode 11 – Mounting a Coordinator Assault



Episode 12 – Arrival of a Rival



Episode 13 – A Staravia Is Born



Episode 14 – Leave it to Brocko



Episode 15 – Shapes of Things to Come



Episode 16 – A Gruff Act to Follow



Episode 17 – Wild in the Streets



Episode 18 – O’er the Rampardos We Watched



Episode 19


Episode 20


Episode 21


Episode 22


Episode 23


Episode 24


Episode 25


Episode 26


Episode 27


Episode 28


Episode 29


Episode 30


Episode 31


Episode 32


Episode 33


Episode 34


Episode 35


Episode 36


Episode 37


Episode 38


Episode 39


Episode 40


Episode 41


Episode 42


Episode 43


Episode 44


Episode 45


Episode 46


Episode 47


Episode 48


Episode 49


Episode 50


Episode 51









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