Ryukendo Hindi Episodes

Madan Senki Ryukendo, is a Japanese tokusatsu television series. It was Takara and We’ve Inc’s first attempt at a tokusatsu show. The program aired at 7:00 JST on TV Aichi from January 8 to December 31, 2006. It is also a partial prequel to the Tomica Hero Series, the cast reprising their characters in the Tomica Hero Rescue Force movie.

Ryukendo Hindi All Episode List

Episode 13 A Time Suprassing Meeting
Episode 14 The New Enemy
Episode 15 Fear Squirming in the Darkness
Episode 16 Enemy Friend
Episode 17 How About a Nightmare
Episode 18 Thunder Eagle
Episode 20 Fudousans Agonizing Day
Episode 21 Farewell Moonlight Swordsman
Episode 22 Martial Arts Conference in Town
Episode 23 Visitor From Outer Space
Episode 24 Great Decisive Aerial Battle
Episode 25 DaiMaOhs Egg
Episode 26 Whos the Champion
Episode 27 Magna Ryuguno
Episode 28 Direct to the Machines Heart
Episode 29 God Ryukendo
Episode 30 Tunnel of Perplexity
Episode 31 The Akebono Great Incident
Episode 33 Trinity Ryujinous New Power
Episode 34 The Worlds Largest Umbrella
Episode 35 Targeted Akebono Stage
Episode 36 The Fighting Ghost
Episode 37 The Yellow Ring of Happiness
Episode 38 Rescue the SHOT Base
Episode 39 The Wings of Light Whirl to the Stars
Episode 40 Worst Maneuvers in History
Episode 41 Ryujino Becomes a Doll
Episode 42 Magical Recipe
Episode 43 My Hero
Episode 44 Akebono City is Closed
Episode 45 Superior Maneuver
Episode 46 The Fourth Target
Episode 47 The Mysterious Dragon Warrior
Episode 48 Ultimate Ryukendo
Episode 49 Never Ending Battle
Episode 50 The Key That Opens the Future
Episode 51 The Black Moonlit Night of Christmas
Episode 52 Farewell Madan Warriors Season Finale


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